To get things going, we need to talk about your design, size, complexity and placement.  

You can book an appointment for an in-person or phone consultation with our easy to use scheduling tool, or simply call or text the shop at (971)266-0936 and we'll get you set up.  If you do get voicemail, please leave a message or just shoot us a text.  We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

If you already have a design in mind, feel free to send it ahead of time by email, text, facebook, carrier pigeon, or simply channel it telepathically.


Once we talk about your tattoo, the next step is to draft the design, make any changes that you'd like, and prepare the final version.  It takes several hours to get a polished final product (we don't want you wearing a sloppy tattoo), so we ask for a modest $50 drawing deposit to get things started.  That deposit is applied to the cost of your tattoo, as long as you show up for the appointment.


Once you're happy with the design, you can book an appointment through the website, or call the office to get on the schedule.  To get the best possible outcome, you'll want to avoid alcohol and caffeine the night before and the day of the tattoo (both cause you to bleed more, which impairs the skin's ability to take the ink).  You'll want to eat beforehand to avoid getting dizzy or light-headed.  You'll probably want to wear something comfortable, and you're welcome to bring a friend or friends for moral support.  MINORS ARE STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED IN THE SHOP, so you'll need to make appropriate care arrangements as necessary.

Once your tattoo is finished, we'll walk you through after-care instructions, provide recommendations for products to care for your tattoo with, and take care of payment.  Both Cash and Credit Cards are welcome, and tipping your artist is both customary and appreciated.


Stuff happens, we totally get it.  If you can't make your appointment, you can reschedule 24/7/365 from our appointments page, or you can call or text our office.  We'd really like 24 hours notice, but we're reasonable people.   We'll also send you an email and/or text confirmation when your appointment is booked, and a second reminder the day before your appointment.

In the unfortunate event that you no-show, the drawing deposit is applied to the missed appointment (this covers the time and materials used preparing the station for you), and we'll happily reschedule you, but will require another $50 deposit (which will be applied to the price of the tattoo session, as long as you show up).


Happy Camper Tattoo

Happy Camper Tattoo is an inclusive neighborhood shop located in the Foster Row artist collective, and operated by artist Redd Danger Clark.  

We're a small shop, and we schedule work and consultations by appointment.  Appointments allow us to give your our full undivided attention.  

If you're having a tattoo emergency and you need a same-day appointment, no problem!  Give us a call or a text.  

About Redd

Redd graduated from the Academy of Art University with a bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting, with a secondary focus on jewelery making.

Redd draws inspiration from the natural world, focusing on excellence in anatomy for both human and animal forms, along with a passion for tattoo, body modification, and jewelery designed for the modification community.

Contact Info

Email: info@happycampertattoo.com
Phone/Text: (971)266-0936